Bhimsen Pakhrin, Head Chef at Grand Mercure Puka Park


Bhimsen Pakhrin, Head Chef at Grand Mercure Puka Park, Pauanui Beach, N.Z

I have worked for the past 13 years in the Hospitality Industry. My experience covers work in Dubai Municipality and Abu Dhabi. I’ve also worked as a Sous Chef and Junior Sous Chef with excellent culinary skills and kitchen experience at The Marriot, world’s tallest 5-star hotel in 2012. I was awarded, second runner-up, in “The Youngest Chef of the Year” award at Emirates Culinary of Burjuman Young Chef (2012) in Dubai UAE. I prepared various cuisines representing food cultures across the world. I’ve come to Pauanui to explore the food culture here and I am looking forward to lift the profile of the restaurant.

I’m glad to be part of the team at Puka Park as Head Chef and expanding the reputation of Miha Restaurant and building on the smooth running of the restaurant.

We always aim to provide what the customer wants and sometimes, we have to be ‘innovative’ to achieve that goal – even if that sometimes means experimenting with recipes and thinking out of the box!

The biggest dinner I’ve cooked in, was for 1,600 people in Dubai which was part of a concert starring Bryan Adams.

I’ve been married to Pan Maya for 12 years and have a daughter, Sneha who is 4½ years old and we are happy to be living in Pauanui.